HARKONNEN: A Brief Biography

In 2009, Synthesist Rob Warner (Sudden Afternoon, The Beyond)
Invited old friend Uwe D’rose ( Quazar, Landmarq)
to join his BEYOND Ambient music project www.beyond-ambient.com
It was during these improvised sessions that they created some very dark and negative music.
These Improvisations became the basis for the mechanised sound of HARKONNEN.

So what’s the big idea behind HARKONNEN?

Rob explains ” It’s basically the opposite of the BEYOND, having said that there are crossover points.
HARKONNEN’s music is created in an imagined future, a very negative future,
where Mankind and all Animal and plant-life has almost ceased to exist.
And all thats left is a polluted, industrial cityscape,
that’s controlled by the machines that Man created to service it”.

“The music tries to convey this Imagined world,
I spent months recording industrial sounds,
to create the soundscapes we needed”

And why the name ‘HARKONNEN’?

“As anyone who has read Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ will know,
The House of Harkonnen are an evil and ruthless family,
indeed The Harkonnen homeworld itself is an industrial wasteland,
its once-rich natural resources exhausted and the environment fouled with industrial pollution,
which ties in with our whole project.”